LING3001 builds on the skills and knowledge of earlier courses, especially LING1001 and LING2001. The course has both a theoretical and a practical component. The theoretical component is aimed at developing your familiarity with phonological theory as it pertains to segmental, suprasegmental and autosegmental phenomena. The practical component is aimed at developing your research skills and enhance your ability to use recordings to extract phonetic data using speech processing software and interpret the output. Additionally, it is a goal of this course to enhance your skills in the use of online resources and professional tools in your work, and to enhance your presentation skills.

In order to achieve these goals, we will take a mixed approach. The course is organised as 3-hour seminars Wednesdays 4-7 pm, and we will spend much of this time in the Ashcroft teaching lab. We will spend some time on topics in phonetics and phonology, including the use of speech processing software, and some on the use of online resources and / or presentation skills.