Computer Applications is a hands-on, case-based course that is designed to teach students how to solve managerial problems using decision support software.  It is not a course in computer literacy.  Rather, Computer Applications is designed to hone a student's problem-solving skills by exposing him/her to the capabilities of specific software applications that can be used to develop business solutions that support managerial decision-making activities.  It is therefore assumed that students are able to perform simple activities in the MS Windows environment such as manipulating the mouse, manipulating the keyboard, saving files, retrieving files, loading applications, exiting applications, and surfing the Internet.  Solution models will be developed using MS Excel(c) and MS Access(c).

The aim of this course is threefold: 
1) to enable learners to gain an understanding  of how spreadsheets and databases work; 
2) to equip learners with the skills to analyze business scenarios and develop appropriate spreadsheet and database models to assist in the decision making process; and 
3) expose learners to good spreadsheet and database model design techniques.