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Reminder for Students - Sending Tickets for Assistance
by OurVLE Administrator - Tuesday, 27 October 2020, 12:10 AM


Good day.

This message serves to bring to your attention that when sending tickets to the Learning Management Systems Unit/OurVLE Support Team, the more information we have, the greater the likelihood of a quicker resolution. Once vital information is missing we will have to write and request it and this will definitely delay us processing your issue.

Please ensure that at least the following are included in all messages that you send to

  • Your ID number (This must be present in ALL mails to us).
  • Course code of the course(s) that you are having the problem with.
  • Description of the issue that you are having.
  • A description of the error message if any was seen.

Please also remember that as much as is possible mails are to be sent from your official UWI email accounts.

Thank you.