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Tips for doing Quizzes on OurVLE for Students
by OurVLE Administrator - Monday, 17 March 2014, 9:28 AM

Tips for doing Quizzes on OurVLE


  • Ensure that your internet browsers are up to date.
  • As much as possible close all other programmes whilst doing quizzes.
  • Avoid going to other sites or switching windows. Some quizzes may bump you off if you leave the quiz page.
  • Ensure that your ID number and Password are active at least three days before doing your quiz.
  • Do NOT issue your log in credentials to another person.
  • Do the quiz using a steady and stable internet connection. Avoid using routers with weak signals.
  • If practice quizzes are available, ensure that you do at least one so that you are familiar with the interface and layout of the quiz. The interface has changed slightly from the previous version.
  • Ensure that you click on the appropriate buttons to save and submit the quiz.
  • If you encounter any difficulties you can inform MITS via You should also inform your lecturer right away so that they are aware of your situation.  MITS does not have the authority to reopen quizzes or provide more attempts than was originally granted.
  • If reporting to MITS we require the following pieces of information:
    • Your name and ID number
    • The course code of the course that the quiz was hosted in , for example FOUN1401
    • The name of the quiz
    • The date and time that you attempted the quiz
    • A brief report of what happened, including any error messages that you may have encountered


 N.B.: Please bear in mind that this list only relates to technical requirements for doing quizzes on OurVLE. Please also bear in mind that the list is not exhaustive. There may be other factors not mentioned here that affect the operation of your device whilst doing an online quiz. This list has been generated to serve as a basic guide.