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End of Semester Information (For Lecturers)
by OurVLE Administrator - Tuesday, 16 December 2014, 2:36 PM

As you approach the end of the semester lecturers you are being encouraged to backup your courses. The files can remain in the course backup area. Initiate the procedure by clicking on "Backup” within the "Course Administration” block. You may use the window that appears to modify what you would like to store.

You can also secure and save the grades from your course in a more user-friendly format by exporting the grades from the Grade book. The information using this method can be saved as an Excel spreadsheet, plain text file amongst others.

For those of you who may require new OurVLE course containers for Semester II, 2014-2015 please submit your requests to . Your mail should include the following information:

·Banner course code

·Course name

·Course coordinator's name if applicable. (The lecturer and student enrolment information is normally pulled from SAS). If early access is needed for the lecturer(s) please state that and include both the lecturer's name and ID number.

·The campus the container is to be created for. That is; Mona, Western Jamaica Campus or Weekend University.


Please submit this information as soon as possible so that the start of the semester can be a smooth one.