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How can I reset my expired password?

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If your password is expired please contact the MITS Helpdesk by using one of the following options;

Email: helpdesk@uwimona.edu.jm

WhatsApp (TEXT ONLY): 876-499-2291, 876-869-9775

Telephone: 876-927-2148, 876-977-9306, 876-618-6466

Online Chat: https://www.mona.uwi.edu/mits/

Times; Mon - Fri:7AM - 7PM; Sat:9AM - 4PM & Sun: 9AM - 2PM


I am not seeing the same course material that other students are.

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There is a possibility that you are registered in a different stream than they are. Please bring this to the attention of your instructor as soon as possible.


I am seeing containers from past semesters. Is there any way to clear them from my profile?

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The containers from last semester are still up to allow for further processing by some lecturers. We hope to have them removed shortly.

I am trying to access a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording but I cannot access the Blackboard room outside of class time.

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Please bring this to the attention of your lecturer. The lecturer and his/her team would have adjusted the settings for the Blackboard room/area. These settings covers a wide range of issues including visibility of the room and access to recordings.


I am unable to connect OurVLE to the Moodle app from the Google Play Store

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Our current version is not compatible with it at the moment. Once there have been changes along this line we will be sure to inform the campus community.

Please however be informed that the OurVLE page is mobile ready and adjusts for easy readability on mobile devices.


I could not complete my mid-semester exam due to connectivity issues. My electricity went and I had no Internet access to do my exam. I am asking if there is any way I could be assisted to complete my exam?

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Whilst we are sorry to hear of the challenges experienced whilst doing your examinations we kindly ask that you inform your lecturers as soon as possible. It would be up to them to determine the next course of action as we are not in a position to offer a resit.


I have just registered for a course. I have checked on OurVLE but it is not showing.

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Once properly registered for the course on SAS you should have access to the course container after 40 minutes has passed on OurVLE. 


I have registered for a course for some time now but I am not seeing it on OurVLE.

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We would suggest the following;

  1. Check your registration profile on SAS to see if the stream was cancelled.
  2. Check your registration profile to see if you registered for the main class/stream. Some students inadvertently register for the tutorial session alon without registering for the main teaching stream.

I have requested an override for a course but I am still not seeing it on OurVLE.

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Please keep checking your registration profile on SAS. Sometimes your department will leave notes on your registration page informing you why you cannot be granted the override at this time.


My fellow students and myself are seeing our course container but it is empty. Where is the course material?

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The content of your course containers is managed by your lecturers. If you believe that you should be seeing more content please reach out to them for advice. Please also bear in mind that they may be updating the container or getting ready to share content with you in a phased basis.

What are some best practices for using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

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Best practices for best experience

  • Use a hard-wired (Ethernet) connection, if available. If not available, use a Wifi connection. If using Wifi, try to be as close to the router as possible.

  • Close other programs. Close all programs and streaming services on your computer except for the browser you are using for your Collaborate session.

  • Limit video use. Use video during the session only when necessary.

  • Use supported mobile browsers. If on a mobile device, use a supported mobile browser. For the best experience, use Safari on iOS devices and Chrome on Android devices.

  • Use headphones. Cut down on the background noise and use headphones.

  • Disable Adblockers. Browser Adblockers can turn off your audio and video and can cause buttons to not show up.

Source: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Participant/Participate_in_Sessions/Session_Best_Practices


What are some best practices for using OurVLE?

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Check to see that you are properly registered for your courses on SAS.
Ensure that you are using the proper username (ID#) and password.
DO NOT give out your credentials to others to allow them to access OurVLE.
Check the site regularly for updates from your lecturer.
Read ALL instructions carefully.
Do not wait until the last minute to submit graded work.
Ensure that you receive a e-receipt. (where applicable)

If you have a query regarding graded work done online enquire about it as soon as possible.

What are some tips to bear in mind regarding my domain password?

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Students must have a valid UWI ID to access the OurVLE and its resources.
Students are only given access to their courses per semester. (this has changed somewhat since COVID)
Your password must be active in order for you to access OurVLE.
Your password expires every 120 days. Keep your password secure. Share it with NO ONE!!

Ensure that you log out of OurVLE when you are finished using OurVLE especially on a public computer.

What is OurVLE?

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OurVLE stands for Our Virtual Learning Environment 
  • It is made up of a vast number of tools and specialized applications designed specifically to facilitate your learning online. 
  • This VLE hosts online courses that promote collaboration and fosters the development of an online community.

Whenever I join my virtual classes via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra I cannot hear the lecturer or sometimes I can hear but others cannot hear me. What can I do?

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You will need to ensure that your audio settings are properly configured for the session. Please click on this link to get further details.

LINK: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Participant/Participate_in_Sessions/Audio_and_Video 


Which internet browsers can I use with Blackboard Collaborate?

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Collaborate only supports the most recent two stable channel releases of browsers.

Google ChromeTMWindows(r), macOS, UbuntuAndroidTM
Firefox(r) Windows, macOSNot supported
Safari(r) macOS 10.13+iOS(r) 12+, iPadOS
Microsoft Edge(r) (Chromium)Windows, macOSAndroid, iOS

Source: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Participant/Get_Started/Browser_Support


Will there be a special container that I will have access to for my end of semester examinations?

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Yes. For most programmes you should have access to an Examination Only Container (EOC) for each of your registered courses. 

Please note the following:

  • You will not have access to this container at this time. You should see these containers perhaps a couple weeks before the start of your end of semester examinations.
  • When you get access to your EOCs you may not see your examination until the actual start date and time of the examination.
  • IF you happen to see the examination in your teaching container DO NOT attempt the examination in the regular/teaching container. Please let your lecturer and the Examinations office know right away. They can be contacted at examsupport@uwimona.edu.jm .